Dog Home Boarding


Leaving your dog for a much deserved holiday can become stressful and worrisome however don’t worry we are here to help.

Home boarding is now the most popular choice for overnight stays for your pooches and we have the best team to hand who will welcome your dogs into their home and give them all the love and attention they would get at their own home…if not even a little more. Our database of highly recommend home boarders offer a safe environment for your dog’s overnight stay and will follow your requests to ensure they do not break their daily routine.


Similar to dog walking we tailor the home boarders to your dog. Things we will consider before pairing your dog with their holiday home –

Is your dog comfortable climbing stairs

Does your dog interact well with children

Does your dog socialise well with other dogs

Is your dog acclimatised to city life

Does your dog prefer country life

Is your dog still being house trained

Does your dog require a garden to play in


Once we have found your dog the perfect holiday home we have our borders liaise with Dog Days Glasgow and at the end of their trip you will receive a detailed report on what your dog has been doing on their holiday.


Our home boarders have undergone strict vetting and CRB checks. Dog Days Glasgow has also visited each of the houses to ensure they are adequate for your dog’s nature, requirements and comfort.