Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are you Insured?

Yes our facility and staff are all fully insured for your peace of mind.


  • Are you Licensed?

Yes our facility is Licensed by Glasgow City Council. This is a legal requirement for Dog Daycare establishments in Glasgow.


  • Can we visit the facility before we book our dog into daycare?

Of course! We invite owners to visit the facility at their leisure. There will be an initial screening with your dog to ensure they are suitable for daycare however owners are more then welcome to visit our site and have a look prior to this.


  • What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with another dog in daycare?

Dog Days Glasgow is very strict on only accepting socialised dogs. This is to ensure we always have a happy pack and to avoid squabbling between dogs. Given this we find there is very rarely an occasion where the dogs will not get on.


  • Does my dog have to be trained before being accepted into daycare?

Your dog does not have to be trained to be accepted to daycare. Infact it is one of the reasons owners bring their dogs to daycare. Daycare teaches the dog manners between the pack which should make for more enjoyable walks in the park with their owners. Our wonderful staff also set aside time throughout their day to train the dogs which includes clicker training and reward training.


  • Will my dog be walked throughout the day?

We do not offer a walking service when your dog is booked into daycare. Dogs can be in daycare for up to 11 hours per day so it is absolutely crutial the dogs are not over excersized and exhausted by the end of the day.


  • Is there any way I can see my dog whilst they are in daycare?

Yes, we provide all owners with a log in to access our WebCam’s so you can see your pooches playing all day.


  • Is my puppy allowed in daycare?

Puppies are allowed in daycare after their second set of vaccinations. Please keep in mind we also require our pack to have had the kennel cough vaccination.


  • Do I need to book my dog into daycare?

Yes, we ask you book your dog into daycare in advance to avoid disappointment.


  • Can you collect and drop my dog off from my home?

Yes, we offer a drop off and collection service at an additional charge which can be found on our pricing page. Owners do not have to be at home when we are collecting and dropping off as most owners are comfortable sharing keys with Dog Days Glasgow. All our staff responsible for drop off and collection have had CRB checks.


  • Can my dog rest during the day?

Yes, this is paramount at Dog Days Glasgow as the last thing we want is grumpy dogs. Nap times are scheduled to ensure the dogs are fully rested before more playtime. If this still isn’t enough for our lazier dogs they can relax in our chill out area on our couches and dog beds.


  • Can my dog stay overnight at the facility?

Our centre does not accept overnight stays however we do offer home boarding options which may suit some owners better.


  • Will my dog be fed at daycare?

Yes, before our dogs go for their siesta we have scheduled feeding time for dogs that require lunch.


  • Can I bring my dogs favourite toy to daycare?

We ask owners to refrain from bringing toys into daycare. 90% of arguments between dogs are due to them being possessive over toys / food etc which is why we have put this policy in place. Don’t worry Dog Days Glasgow has compencated for this with a number of fun activities to keep your pooches amused.


  • What if I am late collecting my dog?

In this instance we would offer a drop off service for your dog otherwise one of our home boarders could look after the dog at an additional charge. We ask all owners to try their best to comply with our closing times however we know there can be unforeseen circumstances and we would ensure your pooch is safe till we re-unite you both.