Become a Dog Days member today!

As part of our daycare structure we are now offering Daycare memberships for customers who want to provide more structure to their pets bookings and also save a little in the process.

Why have we introduced a membership?

Dog Days believes in being ahead of the curve and providing the best possible service at the most cost effective price. Our membership will ensure consistency in our pack and follows our one day per week policy. We expect a lot from our dogs when they attend daycare and want them to learn to be well rounded dogs, both inside and outside daycare. Our membership will run similarly to a nursey to allow us to reserve spaces for your dog each week.

How does it benefit you?

Guaranteed daycare space 
Reduced daycare prices 
Consistency for your dog, make sure they bond with their pack
25% off grooming 
25% off instore products (Nerf, Barker, Ruper Fawcett, Dog Robes, Vet Bed, Treats)
25% off Dog Days Dog Park (due to open 01.05.20)
25% off seminars and events

Common Questions

How often will my account be debited? 
Debits will be deducted from your account once per month, same date each month. 

How much will i pay?
This all depends on your membership option. Memberships are based on the number of days your dog will attend per week, the more days you commit to, the larger the discount.

What happens if i don’t use a day? 
Much like a nursery, you will lose the day if it is not used. This is reflected in our discount however we do have a one day per week policy.

How long is the contract? 
Our contract length is 3 months and will then go onto a rolling contract.

Can I combine membership and passes? 
Yes you can commit to a membership and use passes as additional days if required.

Do I need to book the same day each week? 
No, you don’t need to book the same day each week however we would recommend this to ensure consistency for your dog and their pack. 

Memership Prices

Active   Dog Days Health Club 29.01.20 Every month £22.60        
Active   1 Day Daycare Membership 24.01.20 Every month 93.50 GBP Active   2 Days Daycare Membership 24.01.20 Every month 177.00 GBP Active   3 Days Daycare Membership 24.01.20 Every month 260.00 GBP Active   4 Days Daycare Membership 24.01.20 Every month 327.00 GBP Active   5 Days Daycare Membership 24.01.20 Every month 385.00 GBP